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Dec 3, 2013 6:00pm PST
rosa a freeze tonight and tomorrow night. everyone in the bay area, with the exception of sapp fran, is under a freeze warning for tomorrow night and thursday morning. here's the reason why. you likely saw the clouds clear north to south this afternoon. the cold snap start. the cold air is filtering in, as evidenced by the temperatures outside. afternoon highs will not as high as they were today for at least a week. hayward only at a high of 56 degrees. we are getting cold, staying cold, and we will talk about something else, dropping snow levels. find out when it may snow on the hill tops in a few minutes. >>> brian webb is in one of the coldest spots tonight. >> reporter: break out the scarf and the gloves tonight in the north bay. the freeze warnings are a few hours away. the rest of the bay, it was not freezing today, but it felt like it. >> reporter: the bay area bundling up with the arrival of old man winter. >> like it? don't like it? what do you think? >> it's short lived. it doesn't last. >> reporter: temperatures taking a nose dive, sparking the latest fashion trend, hats,
Dec 2, 2013 6:00pm PST
. doesn't begin tonight. the cold stuff gets here tomorrow. concord at 57. santa rosa 57. san jose 55. livermore and san francisco at 54. how cold? below freezing as soon as tomorrow night wednesday morning north bay north of vallejo that's you in sonoma county, mendocino county, solano county a widespread freeze in the north bay as soon as tomorrow night. you will be down to the mid- 20s. schoolcast sunny in the afternoon and sprinkles in the morning high of only 53 degrees at burton valley elementary school in beautiful lafayette. sunshine but chilly for the kids tomorrow. get your school on television. go to let's talk about the cold. it's simple. we have a dividing live in the atmosphere we call a front. sometimes this time of year a front can drag down arctic air not just all the way to washington or oregon. it can make it here in this case all the way to mexico. los angeles and phoenix will get in on this, as well. but that front gets here tomorrow. and you will absolutely notice the difference. it's going to be chilly tomorrow afternoon. it won't feel great
Dec 5, 2013 6:00pm PST
or two milder than today, but not by much. santa rosa, 53. your extended forecast, right on through the weekend, a lot of you doing your christmas shopping it will be cold. we will clear out saturday afternoon. highs around 50. another freezing night sunday. mid-50s on monday and tuesday, and finally, back to the 60s on wednesday, and back out here live in walnut creek. the band's name appropriately called the mistletoes, and folks are getting ready for the holiday party here. live at walnut creek, meteorologist paul deanno. >> we should call them the chilly toes right now. >>> how a cat was reunited with his bay area owners more than 3 years after he disappeared. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, were damaged during a prote over the george zimmerman verdict.. and the sears on broadway s >>> it's been 5 months since some businesses in downtown oakland were damaged during the protest over the george zimmerman verdict, and the sears still has not replaced the windows. neighbors are asking why. >> it looks gross, as if it's out of business. >> reporter: no store wants to give a negative impression. >>
Dec 6, 2013 6:00pm PST
with sunshine quite cold napa only hitting 45. santa rosa 46. san francisco 49. that's it. and livermore 47 degrees. here's your extended forecast. cold weekend. that freeze warning tomorrow night sunday still highs around 50 for the big 9ers seahawks game. monday a little milder. you will notice the change on tuesday upper 50s. then back towards 60 degrees on wednesday and thursday with chance of showers on thursday. you go up 1900 feet above where we are right now, it will be snowing. it is snowing in mount hamilton right now. so it will be a beautiful wintry sight for a lot of folks tomorrow afternoon. seeing that white on the top of some of our peaks. reporting live from a rainy mount diablo foothill, meteorologist paul deanno, back to you. >>> still ahead, this holiday season the strategic move by shopping malls to compete with online retailers. >> it is going to go from shoes to booze. >> how the closure of a bay area neighborhood staple is a symbol of a downtown transformation. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, line? now some "brick and mortar" stores are offering somethi "new," that's expected to hp t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4